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[edit] Timeline


[edit] What Did You See?

[edit] April 29, 2009
  • The first evidence of a possible ARG was folded into the commercial breaks of the ABC series LOST on April 29, 2009.
  • Viewers were exposed to short (five second) visuals of a black background with teaser video clips covering disparate subjects.
  • The cryptic question was then displayed: "What did you see?"

  • After searching the internet for "What did you see?" one prominent result (being that it was a sponsored link) offered up: The Mosaic Collective
(Note: This link, and mosaictaskforce.com, have now been merged into the "Join The Mosaic" site, which is now visibly hosted at ABC's site)

  • When it functioned, those who submitted their e-mail identities received the message:
"Your submission has been received. The Mosaic Collective is dedicated to connecting the world one experience at a time."
[edit] May 6, 2009
  • Around May 6, 2009 a new batch of clips were aired and included the whispered phrase: "Just because we saw these things, doesn't mean they're gonna happen." See: What Did You See? #2
[edit] May 13, 2009

  • When entering a keyword to answer the question "What did you see?", possible responses included:
    217 people saw the same thing, your participation may be vital or
    9 people saw the same thing you reported. The Mosaic Collective may contact you soon for further information.
  • The trail seemed to be getting warmer for the players...
    Then things started popping.

[edit] Join The Mosaic

[edit] July 23-26, 2009 - Comic-Con
  • At the San Diego Comic-con was a booth called "FlashForward" where participants could enter and record their own personal vision of the future. Thebruce, a veteran ARGer, recorded his video and was taken to a second location for an additional interview by a Marcie Turoff of the Mosaic Collective. A good example of the booth recording is thebruce's: TEST SUBJECT #137
  • Another individual going by the name of Oscar Obregon was also seen videotaping the booth and some of the Comic-Con "Boothers", interviewing some of them. This same Oscar Obregon was later seen attending the panel event for FlashForward. When Oscar, who mysteriously got into the queue for those asking questions of the panelists, identified himself and that he was from Truthhack.com. His question was quickly rebuffed by David S. Goyer, but the trailhead was established by that sequence as well as the interviews of the people who offered their flashforwards to Marcie Turoff, Intelligence Analyst, Mosaic Collective.

  • On the same day as Comic-Con, Oscar's site of Truthhack.com went live with this clip:

Edition #1 - The Global Blackout Strikes

[edit] August 4, 2009
  • This video clip included an explanation of the environment and the exchange between Oscar and David S. Goyer: Edition #2 - Comic-Con
  • This video clip served as a bridge between the two active websites of interest:

Special Update

[edit] August 21, 2009

  • It is uncertain whether the "MosaicTaskForce" twitter account run by Marcie Turoff is legitimate, though it is unlikely. No information has come from that source yet.

Consider the story so far to be a rough text draft. This "reporter" needs to either learn to use the graphic tools or get helped by someone that already knows. Consider this the "Easter egg" version of this wiki. 8^) --Mosaic_Hyde
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